Break Evil Spells at Bubble Witch Saga

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
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Bubble Witch Saga is a brand new bubble game produced by Join the Bubble Witches (and their cats!) on a Saga-quest to break the evils spells. Features more than 70 amazing bubble levels.

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  1. Geri says:

    How do I break the spell to get into the old forest. It says to send to 3 friends to help, but what do they need to do?


    • Gloria says:

      How do i break spell to get to old forest? Don’t want to bother friends to play a silly game. How many more spells do I have to bother my friends for? Not why I started playing game. Was having a great time playing. Any other way?

  2. cherie says:

    how many levels are there?? im up to 115 is there any more??

  3. Gloria says:

    Where do I get my answer to breaking spell? E-mail? I never received any response.

  4. Jam Mayer says:

    Hi Gloria. You can check out their Facebook page and ask other players there or go to for details. Sorry, don’t have a walkthrough or guide for this game yet. Cheers!

  5. jean says:

    tells me to ask for help to break spell, but when i hit ask for help from friends, it dosn;t do anything

  6. jean foley says:

    when do i get my answer

  7. Humaira says:

    Need to break spell,

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